Two of Los Fresnos Finest Entities Recognized

City officials and EMS personnel during last week’s recognition. Photo: Tony Vindell/LFN

by Tony Vindell/LFN

Two of Los Fresnos finest public entities – police and the Emergency Medical Services departments – got a pat on the back during last week’s meeting of the city council.

The recognitions were given to honor National Police Week, held May 11-18, and EMS Week, which runs through this Saturday, May 25.

City Manager Mark Milum said personnel with both departments do fantastic jobs serving the city and the community.

In 2018, he said EMS responded to 1,838 calls, or 153 calls a month.

Milum said 46 percent of the calls came from inside city limits and 41 percent from rural areas. The rest of the calls were to assist departments from other cities such as Bayview, Port Isabel and South Padre Island.

“They have about 20 medics,” he told the council. “They do a fantastic job and we want to thank them for helping the community.”

Police department officers and city officials in the council chamber. Photo: Tony Vindell/LFN

By the same token, the police department has also had its share of activities.

Its 18 officers responded to 18,431 calls last year, or 51 calls a day.

“They do respond to a lot of calls,” Milum said. “It’s not just traffic stops but to all sort of calls, including animal, DWI, PI and drug-related activities.”

Charlie Banda, a police department spokesman, said they also participate in dozens of community events held each year.

Mayor Polo Narvaez admitted he gets complaints about traffic stops but drivers need to slow down and to obey the laws.

“I applaud you for what you all do,” he told the officers, “and thank you very much.”

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