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Senior Citizens Participate in Los Fresnos Sit and Fit Program

Senior citizens exercise as they follow instructions from Melanie Vasquez, left. Photo: Tony Vindell/LFN

by Tony Vindell/LFN

Every Tuesday and Thursday of the week, a group of senior citizens get together in the City of Los Fresnos Community Room
They play Mexican Chalupa, or a lottery game that involves the drawing of characters of all sorts.

After an hour or so of the lottery-like game, the group moves to another section of the room where each of them sits on a metal chair and begins listening to Melanie Vasquez.

She is a fitness instructor and directs the group to follow her moves as music starts playing out of a loudspeaker.

Each of the elder citizens imitate Vasquez moves no matter what the music genre was.

After the hour-long exercise session, the group moves to the same area they started earlier and each one is served a healthy meal.

Vasquez said the activities are part of the city’s outreach program created several years ago to benefit the community.

The program is called Seniors Sit and Fit and it’s geared towards those who are 60 years of age and older.

The participants get free transportation to and from LOCC and meals provided by Amigos del Valle.

For more information about the program or other city-sponsored health and fitness classes please call 956-233-5768.

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