Plaza Linda Opens, Ready for Tenants

Plaza Linda, Los Fresnos newest strip mall has two new tenants. Photo: Tony Vindell/LFN

by Tony Vindell/LFN

Construction of a new strip mall in Los Fresnos has been completed and its developer is seeking tenants to take over eight modules available.

So far, two contracts have been signed while a third one is under negotiations.

Parra Tamales is the one of the tenants and a barber shop is the other.

The tamale eatery is getting ready to open its doors.

The strip mall, called Plaza Linda, is along FM 803.

The project called for building 14 modules: two larger ones and 12 smaller ones.

Hector Hernandez, the plaza’s investor, said the construction phase of the project has been completed.

However, the inside of each module can be fixed according to each tenant specifications.

The strip mall has 14,600 square feet of rental space.

The two larger units have their own drive-thru and are perfect for such businesses like a dry cleaning, restaurant or donut shop.

The larger modules have 1,220 square foot of space and the smaller 936 square feet of space.

For more information please call 956-577-1614.

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