Parra’s Tamales Gets City Welcome

Parra’s Tamales owners and employees during the chamber-hosted event. Photo: Tony Vindell/LFN

by Tony Vindell/LFN

The city’s newest restaurant received a warm welcome by the City of Los Fresnos and the local chamber of commerce.

Parra’s Tamales Restaurant owners and employees gathered outside the business on Thursday, August 29, to cut a red ribbon next to city and chamber officials.

Mayor Leopoldo Narvaez said the eatery has opened its doors after its owners made two wise choices.

“They made a capital investment and picked the right location,” he said. “There is school nearby and busy streets around here.”

Narvaez said its owners knew what they were doing by taking such a step.

“We like to eat (homemade) tamales – something we did not have before” he said. ‘We would like to welcome you and wish you good luck.”

Ray Ortiz, a board member with the chamber, gave the restaurant owners a plaque to recognize the new business as a number of their organization.

Angel Alarcon, the restaurant owner, said earlier they are thankful for the support they received from the city and the Community Development Corp. of Los Fresnos.

In addition to their homemade tamales, Parra’s has a variety of Mexican-styled meals, including tacos, gorditas, barbacoa and family pack deals.

The eatery is at the new Plaza Linda just south of FM 803 and Texas Highway 100.

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