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Middle School Students Enjoy Experience at LFU

by Ronnie Zamora/LFCISD

hen three groups of 800 students each walked into Los Fresnos United Dome, many were unsure what the experience was going to be.

There were many smiles when they saw drums on the seats and knew this could be fun, too.

More than 2,400 students from three middle schools were united in the 4th Annual Middle Schools United Experience at the place they will be united into one class when the reach the ninth grade.

“Welcome Los Fresnos High School Class of 2026,” Executive Director of Academics Valarie Londrie told about 800 eighth-grade students gathered Wednesday afternoon. “Look around and see the other sixth graders from the other two schools. They will be your classmates and your friends.”

The Experience was an opportunity for the students from Liberty Memorial and Resaca middle schools to receive exposure about some programs at LFU, which houses ninth- and tenth-grade students.

The Experience is the only annual opportunity for the students from each grade level from each school to be together under one roof before they reach high school.

Students saw performances by Los Fresnos High School/LFU Conjunto and Mariachi Nuevo Halcón. As the group leaders introduced themselves, they received loud cheers when they told students what middle school each attended.

The guest motivational speakers/entertainers were four members of the Drum Café, a team-building group of performers that provided an alternative to breaking through normal learning barriers with more relaxing and open programs including drumming as a interactive medium.

The Drum Cafe was founded in 1996 in Johannesburg, South Africa, as a tool for bringing together the country’s diverse and divided post-Apartheid peoples.

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