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Old City Hall Gets Facelift

A worker was cutting bricks outside the Los Fresnos old city building that will soon be occupied by the police department. Photo: Tony Vindell/LFN

by Tony Vindell/LFN

City employees and the Los Fresnos Chamber of Commerce and Community Development Corp. staff are now in the brand new city hall built along Texas Highway 100.

But the old building on Brazil Street still is the home for Los Fresnos Police Department until it relocates to the new facility in the future.

In the meantime, the city’s police force that has 19 officers and six communications and office employees, will remain there until further notice.

As soon as the city staff left the old city hall, a crew started working to remodel the old city hall so the police staff can utilize it more efficiently.

Police Chief Hector Gonzalez thanked the city commission for handling the remodeling project so quickly.

He said, however, he will need more police officers sooner than later

“Los Fresnos is growing,” said Gonzalez, “and we are going to need more police officers at some point in time.”

When asked by Mayor Polo Narvaez if there has been an increase in criminal activities in town, Gonzalez said everything was going okay in the city.

The only exception is a noticeable increase in THC seizures, particularly during spring break.

“Other than that, we have not seen any spike in anything else,” he said. “We have the holiday season coming up and will have to be more vigilant.”

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