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City Council Discontinues Daily Reports

by Tony Vindell/LFN

The internal reports made by departmental heads with the City of Los Fresnos have become a thing of the past.

The city council voted to discontinue daily internal reports, calling them a waste of time and money.

Councilman James Herrera said there is no need for that and made a motion to eliminate the time consuming documents.

The council met during a special session held Wednesday, Nov. 20 to discuss priorities, visions and goals.

The meeting was held at the new court/city chamber room of the new city hall.

Andy Lopez, a freshmen councilmember, said he is concerned about fixing the drainage situation in the city.

“We need to look at how the systems work and how to correct the areas that flood the most,” he said. ”With global warming, five inches of rain that pops up here and there creates a bigger problem today.”

Lopez said the city should work closely with the drainage district to tackle the issue of flooding.

Mayor Leopoldo Narvaez said they have been discussing the 100- and 500-year flood plain but acknowledged flooding today is not what it used to be.

City Manager Mark Milum said the areas around Valle Alto and Henderson Road and at Tenth Street are the more prone to flooding.

Councilman James Herrera said he would like get more information about an issue involving money before it comes up for voting by the council.

He said they approved paying $72,000 for engineering services but did not get enough information about what they voted for at a previous meeting.

Herrera said birding and butterfly watching are one of the more popular hobbies many people have today and suggested to start working on garden at the Los Fresnos Nature Center.

“It would be a major attraction for the city,” he said. “We should start looking into this .”

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