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Training Program Seeks Applicants

by Tony Vindell/LFN

A program created to train people to join the workforce is seeking applicants from Los Fresnos and its surrounding area.

Called National Center Construction Education and Research, or NCCER, its goal is to help the unemployed find a technical job such as carpentry.

Although it has been implemented at the school level, NCCER is seeking applicants from the adult population.

One criteria to participate in the free of charge 225-hour night course is that an applicant can’t be working.

That has created a little disappointment, according to City Manager Mark Milum, because people earning minimum wages should be able to take advantage of such a program.

Desi Martinez, an advisor for the Los Fresnos Community Development Corp. said they need at least 30 applicants for the program to take off.

Anyone interested in participating in the program should stop by Martinez office at the new city hall at 520 E. Ocean Blvd. or call 956-778-8929.

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