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City of Los Fresnos in Good Financial Health

by Tony Vindell/LFN

A new city hall and a year old EMS-Fire Hall. Several housing developments are being built. New restaurants and strip malls opened their doors this year. This once quiet community along Texas Highway 100 is thriving.

The amount of construction activity clearly tells that things are moving in the right direction from an economic standpoint.

During a recent meeting of Los Fresnos City Council, City Manager Mark Milum said the town’s economic picture looks as good as it gets.

He said the latest sales report shows an increase of little more than 26 percent for the month and a 14.10 percent increase for the year.According to the November sales tax report issued by the state comptroller’s office, the city received a check for $159,865, compared to $126,677 during the same month a year ago.

And for the year, the city payment was $1,539,207, compared to $1,348,445 the year before.

That is in contrast with an earlier report that showed a negative number, but Milum said things change due to unknown circumstances like when a major taxpayer did not meet his or her obligations.

But overall, he said, the city financial standing looks good.

Pablo Garza, the city’s financial director, said earlier they are going to end the year with a profit and attributed that to their fiscal conservatism.

Manuel Abrego, a former city mayor, commended the current administration for the way they run business.

However, he urged city leaders to get more involved with city events and even more since Los Fresnos will celebrate 75 years of its incorporation.

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