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City Council Approves Drainage Upgrade

by Tony Vindell/LFN

Los Fresnos residents living north of Whipple Road will soon get the benefit of a project that calls for fixing drainage problems that cause flooding whenever several inches of rain fall over there and other parts of the city.

The city council approved funding $60,367.50 for the project that includes installing a 54-inch pipe based on a 100-year storm data.

The funding was approved after Hanson Professional Services Inc. recommended two proposals for fixing the drainage.

One proposal called for installing a 48-inch pipe based on a 50-year storm data at a cost of $52,934.

The other one, which the council approved, called for a bigger pipe, a longer life span and for an additional $7,433.50.

City Manager Mark Milum, recommended the second proposal, saying the best thing to do is to go with the larger size and 100 year flood data.

“We have the funds in the fund balance (rainy day fund) that will easily cover the cost,” he said, “and still leave us with more than adequate funds.”

Council members voted unanimously on the second proposal and work on the drainage improvement project will begin early next year.

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