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Rotary Club rewards some Los Fresnos High School seniors

Los Fresnos senior and conjunto player Michael Huerta was one of 64 Los Fresnos High School seniors rewarded by the Los Fresnos Rotary Club during “Senior Draft Night.”. Photo: Los Fresnos Rotary Club Facebook Community Page


LOS FRESNOS – As some of this year’s high school events were canceled because of what has been going today, more than 60 seniors at Los Fresnos high school were rewarded for a well done job.

The local chapter of the Rotary Club gave each student a gift basket and card during a virtual presentation held May 7.

Donald Henderson, a Rotarian, said the organization decided to help the students in this time of difficulties.

RC members David Armendariz, Darlene Pederson, Ana Castillo, Martin Magallan and others came up with the idea to donate money for seniors who responded to their call via Zoom.

A total of 64 recipients benefited from the benevolent action in which other members of the community such as the Table of Los Fresnos congregation helped.

The participants were asked to donate a minimum of $25. If each did so, that would amount to $1,600, but some donors gave many times over the minimum.

Rotarians contacted the school district, which then provided the list of the graduating seniors.

Henderson said everybody was extremely glad to participate at such a crucial time when people are losing their jobs or seeing their wages decreasing despite the various programs the government has been providing, such as the economic stimulus and assistance to the unemployed.

Asked how he and the others feel about doing such an act of kindness, Henderson replied, “We did this during such a difficult time. When our grandchildren ask us what we did we will be able to look into their eyes and tell them about this.”

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