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TAPPS releases tentative schedule for fall athletics

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On Friday, the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools made an announcement that may give the state of Texas a glimpse of hope that a fall athletic season will still take place.

TAPPS announced that athletic programs in the state can begin strength and conditioning on Sept. 8 and football can begin full pads workouts on Sept. 15 for all athletes who began workouts on Sept. 8.

“TAPPS is moving forward with this plan to give our students the best opportunity for fall and winter activities,” said TAPPS Executive Director Bryan Bunselmeyer.

Sept. 15 will also serve as the day athletes can begin workouts if they missed the Sept. 8 workouts.

“I was so excited,” said Brownsville St. Joseph head football coach and athletic coordinator Tino Villarreal after hearing of the potential start date.

“I think everyone has been passing the buck, and people are sitting and waiting to see what happens, and the weeks kind of accumulate on you, and by the time you know it we are paved into a corner. Aug. 3 was our original start day and everyone was starting to hit a panic button.TAPPS will usually follow what the UIL does, and I thought it was great for TAPPS to step out and set up a calendar with dates, and not wait for the UIL.”

The next date circled on the calendar is Sept. 21 when teams will be allowed one scrimmage in full pads.

The Hounds are scheduled to scrimmage San Antonio St. Anthony at Canales Field in Brownsville on Sept. 25 and on Oct. 3 they will hopefully kick off the regular season against Austin Brentwood in Austin.

“I’m relieved that at least from our governing body, we are planning to play football,” Villarrreal said. “It will give us ample time, it will allow us to play only our district schedule and I’m perfectly fine with that.”

Meanwhile, volleyball will also begin strength and conditioning on Sept. 8 followed by a Sept. 14 date that will allow practices and scrimmages. Sept. 21 will be the first week teams will be allowed to begin their regular season.

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