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Long forgotten San Roman Road gets major upgrade


San Roman Road as it now looks after a major improvement project. Photo: Tony Vindell / LFN

LOS FRESNOS – Driving on the southern part of the once horrible San Roman Road is now a piece of cake.

The nearly three-mile stretch of road from Texas Highway 100 to the south and FM 1848 to the north has been upgraded thanks to an infusion of money allocated from a partnership between Cameron County and the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.

For nearly 20 or so years, the stretch of road was one of the bumpiest and most neglected places in the area just east of Los Fresnos.

But a half a million dollars has turned the road into a totally different thoroughfare.

Remberto Arteaga, a resident of Bayview, a small township on the other side of San Roman Road, said his wife, Delia, had a fit every time they drove on San Roman Road to get to Highway 100.

Driving on the road was a task. Some sections did not have pavement on it while the number of potholes found there will make a vehicle hump repeatedly.

David Garza, commissioner with the county’s Precinct 3, said San Roman Road has been a mess in the 20 years since he was elected to the post.

“That road needed to be fixed,” he said. ‘We finally got the funds to fix it up and here it is now.”

Garza said a wind farm built to the east of San Roman committed $200,000 to the road project. The county, meanwhile, contributed $300,000 from a bond issue.

Garza said not too many houses are along the three-mile stretch, but now that the road has been fixed it could spark new development.

“San Roman Road has been on our sight for many years,” he said. “We now got it upgraded and it should be totally completed pretty soon.”

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