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Ecotourism center under construction in Laguna Vista

A new ecotourism center is under construction off Texas Highway 100 east of Los Fresnos. Photo: Tony Vindell / LFN


LAGUNA VISTA – Sometime next year, Rio Grande Valley residents and visitors alike will be able to learn more about the region’s flora and fauna within the walls of a first-class facility built for this purpose.

The project, called Ecotourism Center, is under construction on a piece of property along Texas Highway 100 east of Los Fresnos and in an area that falls within the jurisdiction of the Town of Laguna Vista.

The center will be equipped with interactive gadgets and many features where visitors will receive a hands-on experience about the area’s history, its wildlife, its vegetation, which changes from area to area, and about conservation.

After all, if people do not learn to take care of what they have around them, things will disappear for other generations to enjoy.

David Garza, Commissioner of Cameron County Precinct 3, said the project is being done with a combination of public, visitor and vehicle funds.

He said money from hotel-motel taxes, vehicle registrations and from an allocation from the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department is behind the multi-million-dollar investment.

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