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Gasoline prices are creeping up but set to go down

The Murphy USA filling station in Los Fresnos has some of the lowest gas prices in the area. Photo: Tony Vindell / LFN


LOS FRESNOS – Anyone noticing a hike in gasoline prices shouldn’t be discouraged about paying more at the pump as the rising figures should go down.

At least that is what AAA is predicting.

The rise in gasoline prices is being attributed to Hurricane Laura, which recently swept through the Gulf of Mexico and caused a disruption in oil production and, therefore, an increase in demand.

Labor Day weekend is generally the peak season for people to travel.

However, fewer people are expected to hit the road this year because of the health crisis the country is going through.

AAA reported that the average gallon of gasoline was selling for $2.23 nationwide. However, Texas gas prices average around $2.10 per gallon for regular gasoline.

The Lone Star State has one of the lowest gas prices in the country, along with Kansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Missouri, whereas Hawaii and California have some of the highest costs.

Here in Los Fresnos, a gallon was selling for $1.85 and $1.87 last week.

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