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City Council reappoints Gene Daniels as local judge

Gene Daniels. Photo: Courtesy City of Los Fresnos


Gene Daniels, the Los Fresnos municipal court judge, has been reappointed to another three-year term.

The city council gave its green light of approval during its Tuesday, Dec. 8 meeting.

Daniels has been serving in that capacity since 1993. He is also the director of Los Fresnos Fire Department and the Emergency Medical Services.

City Manager Mark Milum made a recommendation to reappoint Daniels, as the city and the municipal court judge have developed a pretty good relationship.

He said Daniels has been the local judge for the last 27 years, adding he has taken care of courtroom matters really well.

Enrique Juarez, the city’s attorney, spoke earlier in favor of reappointing Daniels.

“I am not here as his cheerleader or beating the drum for him” he said. “I have worked with him for many years and I can tell you he is a very good judge. He has been punctual, fair and is a compassionate person.”

The council approved a service agreement with both the Los Fresno Rodeo and the Cameron County Fair & Livestock Show.

Mayor Alejandro “Alex” Flores commended both organizations for the work they do in favor of the community.

The council gave a special recognition to the city police department and Milum said a meeting will be held in the next couple of weeks with the officers.

In observance of the annual Blue Light Campaign, blue flags have been installed in several areas of the city such as in front of the Los Fresnos Nature Park and the city’s Memorial Park.

The council also approved a resolution designating an administration service provider for the 2021-2022 Texas Community Development Block Grant application and project implementation.

The program is administered by the Texas Department of Agriculture.
In other actions, Councilman Andy Lopez was appointed mayor pro-tem for a one year period, while Councilman Polo Narvaez was appointed to the Southmost Regional Water Authority Board.

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