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Los Fresnos restaurants open for business

Piedad’s Restaurant announces its hours of services and operations. Photo: Tony Vindell / LFN


Eating out has not been the same for those who enjoy Mexican-styled food, pizza, chicken wings, hamburgers, fried chicken, tamales or barbecue.

And here in Los Fresnos, which has a little bit of everything of that, the same has been happening for much of this year.

The reason for that can be attributed to the health crisis taking place all over the Rio Grande Valley, the state and the nation.

Some restaurants decided to close their doors, while others remained open offering curbside, delivery and take out services.

A few, such as Julia‘s Restaurant, kept its doors open limiting the number of people to come into its premises.

Although that was the norm for nearly the last nine months, things have been changing as most of the local food establishments have been telling people that they are back in business.

Back in business but with some limitations.

For instance, the occupancy rate at most eateries is now at 75 percent while others have chosen to keep its main doors closed or open three days a week.

McDonald’s has not opened its premises for most of this year since the pandemic but its drive-thru has remained open.

Dairy Queen, which started letting its patrons go inside this summer, shut its main doors in mid-November but not its drive-thru.

But for the most part, other restaurants are announcing they are now open with 75 percent occupancy rates.

Among them are Elva’s, Parra’s Tamales, Taqueria and Antojitos Mario.
Tapia’s Restaurant has not opened its dining-in area since last April.

Ovilia Tapia, of the family-owned business, said they still have curbside and take-out services.

So the best way to find out what kind of services a restaurant has today is by calling each particular business.

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