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Vaccination against COVID-19 virus begins

Frank Torres, director of Willacy County EMS, was among the first one there to get the anti virus vaccine. Courtesy photo


The first round of vaccinations against the coronavirus has begun and people working in the healthcare industry have been the first recipients of the campaign aimed at stopping the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

The campaign began as the often deadly virus keeps surging all over the nation, including here in the Rio Grande Valley where the number of people acquiring the virus continues to rise.

People working for hospitals like Valley Baptist in Harlingen and Brownsville and Valley Regional Medical Centers have been getting the vaccine as employees with the various Emergency Medical Services valleywide.

Los Fresnos EMS staff started getting vaccinated during the middle of the month.

The vaccination campaign is taking place at a time the number of people contacting the virus is on the rise.

Just in the Cameron County system of government a number of employees have acquired the virus and the office of County Judge Eddie Trevino Jr. is issuing news releases about the rise in cases.

Ten positive cases were reported on Dec. 18 at several county departments, including four at the sheriff’s department.

Countywide, 28,613 positive cases, 1,164 deaths and 24,807 recoveries were reported as of Dec. 22 by the Cameron County Public Health Department.
The number includes 15 new positive cases in Los Fresnos.

A day before, or on Dec. 20, 10 news cases were reported in Los Fresnos.

Other cities reporting new cases include Brownsville, with 61; Harlingen, with 16; Port Isabel, with six; Laguna Vista, with two; San Benito, with 11; and South Padre island, with one case.

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