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Happy 90th birthday to Florentina Taylor!

Dewey Taylor, Jr., in 1954 in San Antonio, Texas while he was in the Air Force during the Korean War. They were married that same year and remained married until Mr. Taylor’s death in 2004, the day after Mrs. Taylor’s birthday.
Mrs. Taylor, the oldest of seven children, remembers that she was not yet 14 during World War II. She says the one incident standing out during that time that she can remember was her family lived in Brownsville and they were ordered to go in their houses and stay. She says airplanes were flying all over the place and she was afraid because she didn’t know what was happening.
Mrs. Taylor’s first daughter was born in 1955. The couple was blessed with nine other children: Judy Jurban, Robert Taylor, Billy Joe aylor, Theresa Henderson, Angela Taylor, Arlene Gonzalez, Eddie Taylor, Marie, Gonzalez, Dewey Taylor, Jr. III, and Brenda Taylor. She now has 16 grandchildren, 22 great-grandchildren, and 4 great-great-grandchildren.
The Taylor family lived in San Antonio, TX, Wichita, KS, Grundy, VA, Chicago, IL, Pikeville, KY, Warren, MI, and Brownsville, TX before settling in the city of Los Fresnos, TX in 1980.
Mrs. Taylor says they moved to Los Fresnos as Hurricane Allen hit the land. This was frightening because she had never been through a hurricane before.
When asked about what changes she has witnessed to the town of Los Fresnos, she remarked that the biggest change has been growth. In 1980 the city had two stores, a library, and a park. The Taylors owned trailers located on 6th Street and 7th Street. The population has gown, the number of residences has grown, and numerous businesses have appeared, including restaurants, Walmart, and other retail establishments, along with new apartment buildings.
Mrs. Taylor is a COVID 19 survivor. She became ill and stayed in the hospital with pneumonia. She suffered with severe respiratory issues and a bad cough. The doctors were very concerned, and she was afraid and lonely as her children were not allowed to be with her. She recovered after nine days nine days in the hospital, but finds that she tires easily. She is no longer able to be active in her garden because she tires too easily. She still has not been able to see her children, even for her birthday. She wants them to know how much she loves them and misses them.
Once again, happy birthday to you, Mrs. Florentina Taylor.