Los Fresnos News

District UIL Winners in Los Fresnos

by Nicholas Gutteridge
On March 27, students from around the Valley participated in District UIL. UIL is a state-wide competition that starts at the district level and eventually puts the best students in the state against each other. It contains several different competitions, allowing students to pick the best contest that suits their skills. If a student was placed in first, second, or third place, they will automatically advance to the next section of the competition: regionals, which takes place at San Benito High School on April 17th.
If they place in fourth, then they will be an alternate in the competition. The competitions and the winners from Los Fresnos follow below.
Computer Applications is a technology-based contest that requires students to completely learn three applications: word, access, and excel.
They must then use these applications to complete increasingly difficult tasks. Reiana Apacible won 3rd place, and Jonas Apacible won 4th place.
In the Copy Editing contest, students must be able to find and correct grammatical, spelling, punctuation, AP style, and factual errors in articles and essays. Iris Lugo won 2nd place.
Feature Writing is a journalism competition where students must learn information about an event and use that information to write an in-depth, creative article on the subject. Karina De La Garza won 2nd place.
Headline Writing requires students to read an article and think of an appropriate headline to catch the reader’s attention. Karina De La Garza won 1st place, and Caitlin Cavazos won 2nd place.
Literary Criticism is a ninety-minute competition where students must analyze readings, answer multiple-choice questions, and write an essay based on their findings. Kiara Garcia won 1st place, Paulina Lopez won 2nd place, and Roberta Torres won 3rd place.
Number Sense is a ten-minute, 80 question mental math test covering all high school mathematics courses. Students must complete the entire test mentally, and they are not allowed to use a paper to solve the questions. Jode Montes won 4th place.
News Writing is a contest where students must write a news article that focuses on facts, quotes, and indirect quotes. Karina De La Garza won 1st place, and Andres Garcia won 2nd place.
Persuasive Speaking is a contest where students are given a topic and must perform a speech to persuade the audience to their side. Abigail
Martinez won 3rd place, and Daviama Zamora won 4th place.
In Prose Interpretation, students must understand, experience, and share prose work through the art of oral interpretation. Andrea Iturbe won 4th place.
In Ready Writing, contestants are given two prompts to choose from, and they must write a complete essay in two hours. Nicholas Gutteridge won 2nd place.
Spelling and Vocabulary is a contest that tests student’s abilities to properly spell and proofread. Sydney Pena won 1st place, and Allan Peralez won 2nd place.
Congratulations to all the winners, and good luck in the next stage of your competition!