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LFHS Presented Inspiration Award by College Board

Los Fresnos High School has been named a 2013 Gaston Caperton Inspiration Award school by the College Board for providing low-income students with the support they need to succeed academically.

College Board representatives will present the award to Los Fresnos High School at a celebratory event at 9 a.m. Tuesday on the school’s campus attended by administrators, faculty, students, parents, and community leaders.

One of only three high schools nationwide to receive the award in 2013, Los Fresnos High School will receive a $25,000 award to apply toward programs that encourage more students to attend college.

“The extraordinary work done by teachers and administrators at Los Fresnos High School to ensure that each of their students succeeds truly embodies the spirit of the Inspiration Awards,” said Peter Negroni, senior vice president of relationship development at the College Board.


“Though a large majority of their students come from low-income families, last spring Los Fresnos High School educators celebrated as more than 90 percent of their graduating seniors went on to attend college. Their efforts demonstrate that with access to rigorous academic opportunities, every student can achieve at a high level. The College Board is proud to recognize the achievements of Los Fresnos High School with a 2013 Inspiration Award.”

8738470603_dbd0c0b3d5_oAwards Reflect Importance of Access to Higher Education

Created by former College Board President Gaston Caperton in 2001, the Inspiration Awards honor high schools that help expand access to higher education by providing students with rigorous academic offerings and innovative college-preparation programs. Selected by a panel of higher education faculty from across the country, winning high schools demonstrate significant and consistent growth in the number of students taking honors and college-level courses and in the percentage of seniors accepted to two- or four-year colleges.

The Gaston Caperton Inspiration Award-winning schools do much more than meet basic eligibility requirements: They are selected for their innovative ability to inspire student success.