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BiG Heroes Doing Big Things

BiG Heroes Presented a table full of home decor designs, for sale to support them.

Back on February 10th, BiG Heroes presented at the Los Fresnos Rotary meeting.  

Believe in God’s (BiG) BiG Heroes is a faith-based non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing “continued educational opportunities to young adults with intellectual disabilities post-high school that seek employment.”

Martha Gonzalez, Executive Director at Big Heroes elaborated on this at the meeting saying, “What we’re doing is trying to find opportunities for our students post-high school.” 

Mrs. Gonzalez explains that she’s been in Education for several years. Teaching in Brownsville for fifteen years. But she had found a calling to do something more for these kids after they graduate high school.

She explains, “For some, it ends once they graduate.” Mrs. Gonzalez says that when she found out that so many students with disabilities don’t go anywhere after high school, she said that’s when she had to do something. She says “that’s unacceptable.”

Martha Gonzalez shows just how much these young adults can do! “(They have) so much ability, and so much that they can contribute to the community.” With a full and joyous heart too, bringing so much joy to the community to the people they interact with. For BiG Heroes, It’s all about getting these students opportunities that they otherwise may never experience.

At the meeting, Martha Brought along several of her students from BiG Heroes, two of them being newly hired workers at HEB in Brownsville! The boys, Luis and Oscar shared that their jobs are to stack and put away products at the store.  Luis and Oscar both had to go through some rigorous training and mini exams, but at the end of it, they both passed! They have been working for just about a month now.

Students tell a little about their job at HEB

The Rotarians all applauded and congratulated the students with their achievements, surprising BiG Heroes with a check for $1,352.  David Armendariz, current President of Rotary says “$1,352.52 came from Luby’s.” David says that 15% of every dollar the Rotarians spent at Luby’s went into this check. “Crazy, that we might enjoy our families, and than we got to give something back.”

David later says that it’s great to give back to a non-profit that you know every single dollar is going to go towards these students. It goes to a good cause, you know that they’re doing something great with it.

David Armendariz also encourages everyone to go out and visit BiG Heroes in Brownsville, to participate and help in any way they can. BiG Heroes brought a booth for some of the work that you can buy to help support BiG Heroes’ mission. You can visit their website at https://www.bigherotx.org for more details and to donate.

This story was in the February 23rd edition of our Los Fresnos Newspaper, you can find a digital copy at the link provided: https://issuu.com/thelaferianews