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21st Annual Highway 83 League set to go Underway

By Ruben Rodriguez
Los Fresnos News

With July now on the calendar, Volleyball season slowly starts to make its way towards the RGV. And no better way to bring in the new season than with the 21st Annual Highway 83 League.

With Donna High School and Donna North playing host to this year’s Highway 83 League, Some of the schools participating this year have been announced.

Some teams set to compete in the 2022 Highway 83 are PSJA North, Donna, Mission, Brownsville Rivera, Weslaco East, Mercedes, Palmview, Donna North, Edinburg, Brownsville Lopez, Monte Alto, San Perlita, and Valley View. The Highway 83 League always provides an exciting taste and preview of what’s to come in the 2022 UIL Volleyball Season, featuring teams from 6A Down to 1A.

Catch all the action on Rio Sports Live, which will provide the coverage for the 21st season of the Highway 83 Volleyball League.