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International Trade Booming at the Port

Foreign Trade Zone No. 62 Reclaims Number 2 Ranking in the U.S. for the Value of Exports

Windmill blades are among the top commodities moving through the Port of Brownsville’s Foreign Trade Zone No. 62. These colossal components are transported via vessel, barge, rail and truck to wind energy projects across North America.

Foreign Trade Zone No. 62 (FTZ) at the Port of Brownsville recorded an increase of 28% for the total value of exports in 2021, surpassing the $5 billion mark for the first time.

According to the U.S. Foreign-Trade Zones Board’s 2021 report to Congress released on August 29, FTZ No. 62 ranks second in the country with $5.2 billion in exported goods in 2021, an increase from the $4.1 billion reported in 2020.

The port’s FTZ has consistently ranked in the top three for exports out of 193 FTZs nationwide since 2012. Additionally, FTZ No. 62 ranks 20th in the nation for the value of imports totaling $4.5 billion.

“This continued upward trend for our foreign trade zone is a reflection of the port’s growth and commitment to be the leading multimodal logistics hub in the Rio Grande Valley,” said Eduardo A. Campirano, Port Director, and CEO. “Our infrastructure expansion at the port supports FTZ No. 62, contributing to economic opportunities for a successful future for the region.”

Top commodities moved through FTZ No. 62 in 2021 were petroleum products, machinery, iron, steel, textiles, footwear, leather goods and fiber materials. FTZ No. 62 includes the Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport, Valley International Airport, Harlingen Industrial Park and Airpark, NAFTA Industrial Park, and FINSA Industrial Park at Los Indios.