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Doña Carmen’s to Stay

Doña Carmen’s had a live mariachi band perform at the the restaurant.

Emilio Flores
Los Fresnos News

Quality customer service is something that’s not unfamiliar to Doña Carmen’s restaurant. Doña Carmen’s location in Los Fresnos celebrated its one-year anniversary on Tuesday, December 6th. The Restaurant started off the bash with 15% off all meals, a mariachi band, a free raffle for a chance to win a flat-screen TV, and even free cupcakes that they handed out to guests. All as their way of thanking their customers for the support Los Fresnos residents have shown them.

Mr. and Mrs. Garcia with servers working that day. Photo was taken by Emilio Flores, LFN.

Mrs. Garcia, wife of Ezequiel Garcia, and Restaurant operator with her husband says, “We try and give back because it’s because of them, that we can give.” Giving back, and making everyone that walks through the door feel welcome seems to be an endeavor they strive for every single day.

More Staff members working on the day of Dona Carmen’s one-year anniversary. Photo was taken by Emilio Flores, LFN

Though this location is celebrating one year, Ezequiel Garcia alongside his wife manages two locations currently. The other location they manage is located in Brownsville, off Paredes Line Rd. Garcia shares will be also taking over the management of a third location in San Benito, previously run by his sister.

Garcia has already expressed his hopes to continue to expand in 2021, Garcia stated back in December of 2021, “We’re already known in Brownsville but, Harlingen, McAllen…” he shared that they hope to expand the business and have Doña Carmen restaurants known all throughout the Valley.

Now, just one year later Ezequiel alongside his wife, will have their third location.
Astonishingly, the first Doña Carmen’s location was opened in 2017, and in just 5 years the franchise has successfully opened 6 locations, all run by one of Doña Carmen’s children.

Mr. and Mrs. Garcia attest to the success of their locations to many things, they have many customers that say it’s the attention they receive while there and the quality food.

Some quotes from customer reviews,
—Anselmo Delgado – “Best Mexican restaurant out here! Excellent service and staff!! I Highly recommend it. Food was delicious”
—Jackie Zavala – “Awesome food! Love the way they serve the agua frescas in a pitcher! My daughter loved the food as well
Child-friendly ~ Best brunch”
—Casimiro Collazo – “Very good service, very tasty food 10000% recommended. already Los Fresnos deserved a place like this”

Lastly, Ezequiel shares the biggest thing is his lovely mom that started it all from just a dream. It’s with her foundation laying and great modeling structure that Doña Carmen’s is what it is today. You can read in full from our story last year, titled, “Doña Carmen’s Restaurant Now in Los Fresnos”.