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Los Fresnos News Spotlight on Elijah Moreno

Elijah Moreno will be a senior this coming year 2023-24 and will have had the opportunity to have been not only Chapter officer, but also District Officer, and now Area Officer. What a great accomplishment of this young man. All of his Agriculture teachers and fellow FFA members are so very proud of him. -Edna Sanchez, a Los Fresnos FFA Advisor

Emilio Flores

Elijah, an accomplished member of the Future Farmers of America (FFA), has had a remarkable journey within the organization. Having joined FFA during Elementary school, he initially began showcasing hogs and later transitioned to exhibiting cattle, a passion he continues to pursue to this day. His dedication and involvement in FFA have earned him significant recognition.

During the 2022-2023 academic year, Elijah served as an FFA District Officer, showcasing his leadership abilities within the organization. As he enters his senior year in 2023-2024, he not only holds the distinction of being a Chapter officer but has also achieved the remarkable feat of being a District Officer and now an Area Officer. This succession of roles reflects Elijah’s exceptional commitment and dedication to FFA. His Family, Agriculture teachers, and fellow FFA members couldn’t be prouder of his accomplishments.

Parents Ray and Roxanne Moreno of Los Fresnos.

Elijah’s achievements within FFA extend further as he has been selected as the Area Officer for Area X (Ten) Tip O Tex division, assuming the position of Sentinel within his Area Officer Team. His selection was the result of a rigorous selection process, which included a written test focusing on the Texas FFA Manual and intense interviews. On the second day of the competition, Elijah delivered a compelling speech before FFA delegates, highlighting why he was the ideal candidate to represent the Area X Tip O Tex district. He faced stiff competition from a young lady representing Lyford CISD.

Elijah’s appointment as an Area Officer is a testament to his dedication, knowledge, and ability to inspire others. His journey within FFA serves as an inspiration to fellow members, as he continues to make his mark within the organization.

The Following Information was sent in by Edna Sanchez, a Los Fresnos FFA Advisor.

What will I do as an area officer?
Area Greenhand Camp- During your year of service you will most likely be asked by your area coordinator to develop a workshop for Greenhand FFA members about FFA opportunities. This workshop will be given at your Area Greenhand Camp.

Area Leadership Camp

At your Area Leadership Camp you will be expected to facilitate workshops for district FFA officers, as well as plan many activities for district officers to partake in during this camp. This camp is not only a learning experience but also an opportunity to connect with district officers all across your area.

State Leadership Conference

The State Leadership Conference is the Texas FFA State Officer-administered leadership conference for area officers, hosted in the month of June. Area officers are immersed in a four-day leadership training in which they are given the concepts and skill sets to effectively serve as area officers. From facilitation to the committee process, State Leadership Conference has been a long-standing pillar of Texas FFA leadership development.

District Officer Training

During this training area officers will spend the day teaching district officers basic facilitation skills such as the magic formula and will also begin planning their workshops for Area Greenhand Camp and other camps and conferences. This is also a great experience for both district and area officers because they get to spend time getting to know their teammates. It is important to note that not every area will have this training, so be sure to check with your area coordinators for more information.

State Convention

As an area officer you have the incredible opportunity to attend the annual Texas FFA State Convention where you will be tasked with helping coordinate your area’s voting delegates and, in some instances, you will be serving as a voting delegate. Additionally, you will help ensure that the area voting delegates are keeping high energy throughout the entire convention!

National FFA Delegate

Since every area officer will not be able to attend National FFA Convention as a voting delegate, this opportunity is one that should not be taken lightly. Depending on the size of your area, 4-5 area FFA officers from your area will attend National FFA Convention as a voting delegates. Typically, they will start with the President and go in order down the list of officer positions. During your time at National FFA Convention, you will be representing not only Texas FFA but your areas, districts, and even your home FFA chapter. Each voting delegate will serve on various committees that deal with issues pertaining to the National FFA Organization as a whole. It is important to keep the members in the forefront of your mind during this process because ultimately that is why we are here.

Area Convention

Area Convention is a time for FFA members to come together to compete in contests, hear from talent teams, and also elect the new area officer team. Current area officers will play a vital role in this convention by ensuring that everything is running smoothly. You will help announce results from various contests, perform opening and closing ceremonies, and even play a role in the electing of area officers. This will be your final time as an area officer, so we encourage you to cherish every moment of this day.

District Convention/Banquet- While this event might be held at the district level, often times an area officer is asked to come to give remarks on behalf of the area or a keynote to encourage FFA members to take action in their FFA careers. This event will vary amongst areas, but it is important to keep this event in your mind.