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Los Fresnos Rodeo Market Has it’s Big Debut

Emilio Flores

Los Fresnos, Texas — The highly anticipated Los Fresnos Rodeo Market had its successful debut on Saturday, June 24, drawing a crowd of enthusiastic residents and visitors. Held at the Los Fresnos rodeo grounds, this monthly event promises to be a vibrant platform for local small businesses while offering a delightful experience for attendees.

Live music by Richard Chavez provided a captivating backdrop as visitors strolled through the market, enjoying the diverse offerings and supporting small businesses. From antiques and collectibles to women’s clothing, as well as authentic leatherwork and carpentry creations, the market showcased an impressive range of products.

Los Fresnos Rodeo Market Days are scheduled to take place every last Saturday of the month, with the upcoming markets set for July 29th and August 26th. During the summer season, the market is held in the evening, from 7:00 to 11:00 pm, to provide a more comfortable experience for attendees and vendors alike, during these hot summer days.

Darlene Pederson, Associate Director with Los Fresnos Rodeo, shed light on the motivations behind launching the Rodeo Market, stating, “We started these markets to support small businesses and provide the community with an enjoyable gathering.” Reflecting on the successful debut, Pederson expressed her satisfaction, considering it was the first time the market was held in the evening. She expressed hopes of spreading the word and attracting even larger crowds in the future, emphasizing that the venue has ample space and parking available!

A variety of local musicians will grace the stage in the upcoming markets to provide engaging musical experience for attendees. According to Pederson, the July 29th market will feature a performance by Patrick Lee, followed by Old Bones on August 26th.

The Los Fresnos Rodeo Market is self-assured to become a beloved fixture in the local community, providing an avenue for small businesses to flourish and offering an enjoyable experience for all who attend.

Pederson says to be sure to mark your calendars for the last Saturday of each month to partake in the festivities, support local artisans and vendors, and experience some of what the City of Los Fresnos has to offer.