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Los Fresnos & Brownsville Taekwondo Schools Showcase their Talent in Florida at the 2023 AAU National Championship

Master, Agmed Gonzalez, Charles Frayser, Kenleigh Chambers, Amelia Gonzalez, and Olivia Chambers.
Olympic Taekwondo Academy students of Brownsville with their instructors and owners, Jose and Eduardo Rodriguez.

Emilio Flores

Local Students from Sun Bae Taekwondo Academy of Los Fresnos and Olympic Taekwondo Academy of Brownsville competed at the 2023 AAU National Championship in Fort Lauderdale, Florida from July 4 to July 8th.

Students from Sun Bae did very well in the competition. Three out of the four students from Sun Bae were able to compete at nationals this year with one student showing their support for their teammates, Kenleigh Chambers.

As Master Agmed Gonzalez shares with Los Fresnos News, “Kenleigh Chambers couldn’t compete due to a broken leg but went to support her teammates.”

Sun Bae student Olivia Chambers brought home a Gold medal in sparring, says the school. Charles Frayser and Olivia Chambers competed in Forms and Sparring, and Amelia Gonzalez in Forms.

From Olympic Taekwondo Academy, 12 students competed this year, Garbiela Fernandez, one of the parents of the students says.

“They’ve trained all year to be prepared,” Fernandez says, attending tournaments all throughout the year. Fernandez shares there were 6 students from Los Fresnos CISD.

Olympic Taekwondo Academy of Brownsville had 6 students come back home with a first-place medal and 1-second place. The Los Fresnos School district and Rotary Club both recognized Olympic Taekwondo Academy for their achievement.

Great job to all that competed!