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A Pair Of Aces To Texas

Rangers, Astros land two Aces in trade deadline

By Ruben Rodriguez 

The MLB Trade Deadline is always filled with exciting moments, and for the Texas Rangers and Houston Astros, the deadline certainly brought a few big names as both Texas squads were able to land two veteran pitchers, one being a familiar face. An interesting point to add, both pitchers are former New York Mets and were on the same rotation.

The Texas Rangers and Houston Astros have been entrenched in a neck and neck battle for first of the AL West. The Rebuilding Rangers have certainly given the defending World Series Champions a run for their money in the AL West Race.

The Rangers picked up Max Scherzer, while the Astros landed Justin Verlander. Verlander and Scherzer both made their way over from New York in their first season for the Mets.

Both squads made their way from two different Ball clubs, Scherzer from the Dodgers, and Verlander form Houston.

Scherzer, who will begin with Rangers has a connection as former teammate Jacob DeGrom is one of the key starters for the Rangers. Meanwhile Verlander returns home to Houston after a five year tenure from 2017-2022. Verlander, with the Astros earned two World Series titles.