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High Demand Prompts Local Restaurant to Open a Tamal Factory

By LFN Staff

Parra’s Tamales and Restaurant owners will be opening a new factory to help keep up with the demand for their tamale sales. Owner Maricela Alarcon mentioned that shortly after moving their restaurant to a bigger location, they knew that they were going to need a separate cooking space to meet the demand. Their kitchen right now is the perfect size for preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner but making tamales would need its own kitchen. They hope by opening their new tamal factory it will meet the demand since they have been selling out every day. Once they open the new factory, they hope to double their production. Last year on Christmas day they made 18,000 tamales in just one day.

Maricela mentioned “We need more space to continue maintaining the quality of our tamales, everything is made as we would at home. Tamales are hand-wrapped and slow-cooked in big “tamalera” steamers. Our meat is freshly cooked every day and seasoned with traditional flavors, our chilies are steamed, blended, and strained just as you would at home, just in larger quantities. We want to ensure customers that even though we are opening a “factory” in no way do we plan to change the quality of our product.”
She mentioned that “we are very thankful and humbled by all the support from our customers. We are a family of 5 trying to do the best job possible to provide a service to the community. Owning a small business is not easy, it requires tremendous sacrifice from each of us. Our children have given us strength and inspiration to continue to work hard every day. Even though we wanted this to happen for a couple of years, one thing or another kept us from it. God’s timing is perfect, we are grateful for this opportunity.”

Parra’s Tamal Factory will be located at 309 E. Ocean Blvd, in Los Fresnos. They are located next to Wing Stop. You could also follow their new Facebook page at Parra’s Tamal Factory.
Photos from Parra’s Tamales And Restaurant Facebook Page