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Los Fresnos High School Health Science Program Students Receive Pins

Seventy-one Los Fresnos CISD students in the Career and Technical Education Health Science program are on their way to health-based careers. The fall cohort received their pins during a ceremony at Los Fresnos High School after completing the requirements for national certification.

The program exposes students to the medical field as early as sixth grade with a pre-med program that prepares them to the medical field. In high school, students are then able take courses tailored to the health science program of study that they choose including EMT, Medical Assistant, Pharmacy, Patient Care Technician, and Phlebotomy.

“I chose the medical pathway of study because it’s a fascinating career that allows you to help people while presenting daily challenges,” said Bianka Montelongo, a student in the Patient Care Technician/Phlebotomy program.

As part of the EMT and Patient Care Technician/Phlebotomy programs, students take part in clinical rotations in a hospital or clinical setting, where they apply the knowledge and skills they acquire in the classroom. The students work in various departments such as labor and delivery, post-partum, physical therapy, cardiac rehab, and laboratory.

“It’s not just about checking boxes on a curriculum, hands-on experience helps boost student confidence and build tangible skills,” said Luis Muniz, Patient Care Technician/Phlebotomy instructor.

Once course work is complete, students may earn national certifications through a test at no cost to the student. This results in time and money savings for students and their families in their path to postsecondary readiness and achievement.

“Getting certified in the Phlebotomy/Patient Care Technician helped me change my perspective on the future by making a career in the medical attainable and expanding my knowledgeable on the many medical branches,” said Montelongo.

Montelongo plans to attend the Valley Baptist Licensed Vocational School of Nursing, then work her way towards a becoming a Registered Nurse.

“I am proud of my students and want each of them to walk away with not just a passing grade and certification, but the tools to be successful in life,” said Muniz.

The Fall of 2023 Los Fresnos High School Health Science resulted in 71 total certifications including:
EMT: 8 students

Pharmacy: 16 students
Patient Care Technician/Phlebotomy: 22 students
Medical Assistant: 25