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Pizzeria Express by Gabriella’s Opens its Doors

Photo by Mike Villarreal

By Mike Villarreal

Hey there! I wanted to share some exciting news with you. Pizzeria Express by Gabriella’s 2 has opened up in Los Fresnos! Owner Rick Masso has always had a passion for expanding the business, and this was the perfect opportunity for him to bring another Pizzeria Express to the City of Los Fresnos, where he has close community ties and has always wanted to give back to the city.

The restaurant offers some mouth-watering wood-burning brick oven style pizzas, a great selection of appetizers, and even some desserts available from Stephanie’s Cheesecake for those who still have some room left for dessert. This is the second Pizzeria Express by Gabriella’s, with the first one located on South Padre Island.

The Italian restaurant was originally created by Mrs. Vicky, who named it Gabriella’s after her daughter Gabriella who eventually went to culinary school and became a chef. Mrs. Vicky sold Gabriella’s to new owner Rick Masso, with the only request that all the recipes remain the same. And guess what? The new owner has stayed true to those tasty recipes!

Rick Masso, who took over the business back in 2012, said, “There was always a plan to expand, and we finally decided to set down roots in Los Fresnos after opening the first Pizzeria Express in South Padre Island last summer.” Pizzeria Express by Gabriella’s is an extension of the Italian restaurant.

Rick stated, “Since all my kids graduated from Los Fresnos, I saw this as a great opportunity to give back to the community of Los Fresnos by bringing a Pizza Express to the city.” As of now, Pizzeria Express by Gabriella’s will primarily offer pick-up and delivery services. And mind you, deliveries will be available in Los Fresnos, Rancho Viejo, and certain areas of Olmito.

There are plans for a dine-in section with an emphasis on delivery. There will be plenty of delivery jobs for any high school student looking for some extra income. They are located at 315 N. Arroyo Blvd. Suite 2. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your phone and give them a ring at (956) 410-1040 to place your order today!

Photo by Pizzeria Express by Gabriella’s 2 Facebook page