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Girl Scouts Hold Family Fun Run

By Mike Villarreal

This past Saturday, March 23rd, the Girl Scouts of Greater South Texas held their Family Fun Run with the 5k Thin Mint Sprint and Daisy Dash, a one-mile family fun run. This run took place at the Brownsville Sports Park. At least once a year, the event occurs all over the United States, and young girls and their families come together to have fun for a good cause.

Did you know that on March 12th, the Girl Scouts turned 112? In 1912, in the town of Savannah, Georgia, a remarkable young girl named Juliette Gordon Low was widely known by her nickname, “Daisy.” Daisy, along with 17 other like-minded girls, decided to form the first Girl Scout troop in 1912.

The girls strongly believed they could accomplish anything they set out to do, and all shared a sense of curiosity about their environment.

What is more amazing is that the founding of the Girl Scouts organization came at a time when women were not allowed to vote and were encouraged to abide by the strict social standards of the time. With the Girl Scouts, young women could now create opportunities and embrace their unique abilities and strengths.

Thanks; to that small gathering of courageous girls over 100 years ago, kick-started a movement that is still going strong today all across America where every girl can fully embrace their potential, make long-life friends, and make the world a better place.