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21 Day Challenge


Challenge encouraged by Fitness Instructor Connie Salazar

We all know basic nutrition. We know what we should eat, what we should avoid. We also know what we decide to indulge in even though it’s bad for us. Why, because we are human!

I think what we have to work on here is establishing discipline. Forming healthier habits, making better long term choices that will help us live healthier lives. Research has shown that it takes 21 days to break or form a habit. How interesting. I think it is time to put it to the test!!!

Step one, Self-Evaluation.
Weigh, Measure and Take a Picture of yourself. (Optional)
Make a list of the foods you consume that you know are bad for you. (Be Honest!) It can be from 5 to 10 things. Then find a healthier substitution for that item. Don’t stress or dwell on what you are giving up but focus your attention on what you are going to replace it with.


  • Unhealthy Food (Naughty List) Substitution
  • Sodas and Sugared Drinks Water with lemon or fruit infused water
  • Flour Tortillas Serving Size of Multigrain Sandwich Thins
  • Candy Bars Fruit (low in sugar)
  • Chips Dried Fruit, carrots, celery sticks
  • Red Meat Chicken Breast, Ground Turkey

Remember, these are just an examples…you can make your own list. Only you can determine which foods you are overindulging in and then substitute them for a healthier options.

Step two, Mark your Calendar!
Give yourself 21 Days. You are making your own rules and guide lines, so follow them! For 21 Days you are to avoid all the foods from your naughty list and replace them with the foods on your substitution list. Remember to eat 5 times a day, 3 meals and 2 snacks. Mind your portions and start establishing those healthier habits.

Step three, don’t forget your Fitness!
30 minutes of Cardio activity minimum daily! Take a walk, go for a run, dance your heart out but MOVE!
In 21 Days you will see a change by simply following your own rules, invite other’s to join the challenge with you!

Free fitness classes are offered 5 days a week at the Los Fresnos Memorial Park!
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Christine De La Rosa
Community Health Worker