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Expanded Food and Nutrition Program Benefiting Los Fresnos Community

EFNEPLogo09X2The Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) helps adults, young families and youth. EFNEP benefits those most at risk to suffer from hunger, food insecurity and the inability to connect with available support systems. EFNEP offers practical lessons in basic nutrition, food preparation, food budget management and food safety in settings convenient for the participants.

EFNEP also includes a walking program for adult participants. Program graduates reflect significant, lasting improvement in eating behaviors and healthy food habits.

Texas has a need for EFNEP—2011 data show that 20% of Texas families with children under the age of 18 were living below poverty level, compared to 16% of U.S. families. Free classes have been and will be held at Naturella’s Juice Bar and Deli located on Hwy 100 in Los Fresnos.

The adult program uses “hands-on” experiences, EFNEP adult participants complete at least a six-lesson series on stretching food dollars, improving eating habits, and practicing food safety principles. As a result of participation in EFNEP the following food and nutrition behaviors were achieved: 100% of participants with a positive change in any food group at exit. Specifically, EFNEP participants consumed 1.6 more cups of fruits and vegetables and 0.9 additional cups milk at completion, compared to entry. 84% improved in one or more food resource management practices such planning meals in advance.

78% improved in one or more nutrition practices such as using the “Nutrition Facts” on food labels to make food choices. 78% improved in one or more food safety practices such as thawing foods safely. 53% of program participants reported a positive change in physical activity. After completion of the program, participants receive a certificate of completion.


“While enrolled in EFNEP we are taught so much. The instructor has a way of making each session so helpful and interesting. I want to start off by stating that the program changed my and my family lifestyle. We learned a variety of things, and most important, the healthy foods, exercise needed, proteins, measurements, and reading labels just to name a few. It must seem strange, but we did some snacks at the class that were actually better tasting than chocolate cake (my favorite) and much better. I wish the class was longer, it’s extremely interesting and helpful for everyday. I could believe it was possible to eat healthier and save money at the same time. The program was unbelievably helpful. After session 7, I feel healthier and very happy.” -EFNEP Participant.

For more information contact Cameron County Extension Office: 956.361.8236 or visit our website at  EFNEP Website or visit their Facebook page.