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UTHealth School of Public Health Brownsville recently highlighted the City of Los Frensos for becoming a Health and Wellness oriented community. UT Campus Media Department and students from the University of Michigan School Of Public Health produced a video highlighting the City of Los Fresnos on March 4, 2015. UT focused on the community as a whole. They began by interviewing participants currently involved in the free Health and Wellness program offered by the City to the community.

Several participants were interviewed; among the interviewed was Connie Salazar. Connie spoke of the importance of having healthy goals and working slowly towards reaching those goals. She also shared her goal of staying active and strong and of the support she’s received from the Health and Wellness Program.

Congratulations to the City of Los Fresnos for it’s recognition on being a community encouraging Health and Wellness!

Congratulations to the City of Los Fresnos for it’s recognition on being a community encouraging Health and Wellness!

Another participant interviewed was Veronica Agramont. Veronica spoke about how she had recently moved to Los Fresnos from Arizona and how she was amazed with the sense of community and the feeling of begin welcomed immediately into the program. She began exercising with the Wellness program and was happy to see that even her children were being motivated by her participation with the group.

Yesenia Castillo was also interviewed by UT. She shared her goal of staying fit and healthy for her children.

CATCH champion from LRE Mr. Araiza was also interviewed. He spoke about the benefits to having the CATCH (Coordinated Approach To Child Health) program implemented in the LF school district and how it’s focus is on the children’s health by way of Physical Activity, Nutrition and Academics. The CATCH program is currently being taught throughout the LFCISD.

City Manager Mark Milum also participated in the interview; he spoke of the community’s desire for full time support of their health and wellness. He spoke of future plans to create a Hike and Bike trail around Los Fresnos to keep our community safe and active. He also spoke of the partnership the City has with the LFISD and how they work together to benefit the community in their Health and Wellness.

Additional ways the City encourages the community to stay fit and healthy is by hosting the Annual Boots on the Ground Mud Run and Obstacle course event, by working with LFCISD to assist in the Annual Leo Aguilar 5k Run and by offering a free Health and Wellness program to the community.

For more support join the Free Health and Wellness program offered at the Los Fresnos Memorial Park Mon-Fri at 8:30am and Mon, Wed and Fri at 5:00am. For more information from your Community Health Worker please contact Christine De La Rosa at 956-407-3348 or email at [email protected].