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Dinosaurs are Back at the Gladys Porter Zoo


BROWNSVILLE, TX – Once again, dinosaurs are roaming at the Gladys Porter Zoo, but this time, a whole new cast is in town. Be prepared to witness the return of these fascinating creatures. Dinosaur Expedition is now open to the public until Sunday, July 5th.
Due to the great success of last year’s Dinosaur Safari exhibit, the Gladys Porter Zoo staff decided to introduce an entirely new group of dinosaurs. Visitors are able to see dinosaurs from different eras, such as the Jurassic and Late Cretaceous periods. The Suchomimus, Coelophysis, and Stegosaurus, to name a few, are some that can be viewed in the exhibit.

For the first time ever, the massive Diabloceratops will be displayed for the public. We can guarantee you will recognize it when you see it. Of course, visitor’s favorite, the Tyrannosaurus will be on exhibit as well. This time you will have the opportunity to get face- to- face and take a photo with the ferocious T-Rex.

Though not real, the dinosaurs coming to Gladys Porter Zoo remarkably resemble a living dinosaur in its actual form. Thanks to Billing Productions, a world leader in the design and development of animatronics for zoos, museums, and theme parks, they appear to be alive, moving, and vocalizing. Animatronics is a modern technique by which robots covered with faux skin look and act like the real thing.

We want visitors to feel like they’re walking back in time and have a marvelous experience. Each time these prehistoric creatures return to the Zoo, the staff selects species never exhibited before. We want the public to learn about the various kinds of dinosaurs, states Dr. Patrick Burchfield, Executive Director of the Zoo.

Children and adults, who want to let their inner child come out, can pretend to be a paleontologist. Visitors can dig for fossils at the digging station located right before they exit. A rubbing station is also available for our visitors to use.

The exhibit is open to the public from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. An additional cost of $3.00 will be charged at the gate or the entrance of the exhibit, which is located in the Special Events building.

Not only will these extinct creatures be displayed for recreation, but for educational purposes as well. According to Sergio Garcia, the Zoo’s Curator of Education, Zoo classes and camps will be available throughout the exhibit’s duration, providing children of all ages the opportunity to learn about dinosaurs.

We invite our public to join us and step back in time. Meet, face to face, the largest animals that ever roamed the Earth.

Special thanks to our sponsors, McDonald’s, Payne Auto Group, City of Brownsville, and Gladys Porter Zoo Docent Council.