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Four Los Fresnos Pony League Teams Set to Play World Series


Los Fresnos Pony League has had an outstanding season with not one, not two, but four teams making it to the Pony League World Series in Houston Texas. Three of these teams were Softball Teams – Los Fresnos 8, 10, and 14 year old girls. Our 14 year old boys also represented Los Fresnos on the Baseball side of the Pony League coin.

The games began Tuesday July 14th in the classic Texas heat. Temperatures were in the 90’s all day long.

The 14 year old girls team, or Los Fresnos Boom, is truly remarkable in that this is their third year in a row that they compete at the Pony League World Series.

The team is composed of:
1 Alyssa Peralez
2 Tabitha Garcia
3 Bianca Martinez
03 Olivia Tamayo
4 Reba Reyes
5 Monika Ortiz
6 Carmen Lainez
11 Kelsey Pizarro
20 Aylene Salazar
21 Jackie Maldonado
31 Krystal Perez
32 Joesha Villanueva
73 Valeria Martinez

When asked to comment about her team, Olivia Tamayo had this to say: “I’ve played for this team for 3 years, and we have always made it to the World Series, and it’s been really good, consistent with the same girls. We actually are like a family-always sticking together, whether we win or lose.”