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Los Fresnos Businesses Risk Lost Revenue From Proposed Projects in the Port of Brownsville

Three companies are currently in the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission scoping process to build liquefied natural gas refineries and export facilities at the Port of Brownsville near Port Isabel and South Padre.

Due to the destruction of landscape, impact on the environment and wildlife habitats, pollution, viewscape of refineries and flares, and viewscape of tankers, there will be a negative impact on recreational tourism, eco tourism (birding, dolphin watches, bay tours, etc.) recreational fishing, and winter Texan visits. Many of these visitors travel through Los Fresnos on Hwy 100 on their way to Laguna Vista, Laguna Atascosa Wildlife Refuge, Port Isabel, and South Padre Island. Less travelers equals less business.

Unfortunately, the lost revenue to Los Fresnos businesses does not end there. Additional factors include future burdens on citizens such as:

Likely increases in Cameron County property taxes while Annova LNG is granted 10 years of tax abatements.

Future increased cost for home energy, and for goods and services

Future health care costs from pollution

Possible future increases in taxes to ramp up security and first response for LNG safety risks and hazards.

Decreased property values from being downwind from pollution

To oppose and stop these companies and retain economic benefits of the tourism industry and prevent the “trickle down” financial burden to the citizens that will impact your business, comments need to be sent to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission by September 4th.


1) Go to https://ferconline.ferc.gov
2) Create full “eregistration” account
3) Go to “efile”
4) The docket numbers are
PF15-15 (Annova LNG)
PF15-14 (Texas LNG)
PF15-20 (Rio Grande LNG)


1) Go to https://ferconline.ferc.gov
2) Go to eComment on the left blue column and follow
3) The docket numbers are
PF15-15 (Annova LNG)
PF15-14 (Texas LNG)
PF15-20 (Rio Grande LNG)

Your Los Fresnos Customer,
Patrick Anderson

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