Los Fresnos News

2015 Christmas Parade


I had not attended a Christmas Parade in Los Fresnos for several years, but I was in attendance for the one held on December 12, 2015. First I was surprised by how early the crowds started forming, then by the amount of the people that lined the parade route, but my biggest surprise was seeing our students (children) having the time of their lives as they marched and danced in the parade.

Sitting on the sidewalk enjoying the parade, I could not help but wonder how many people it takes to have a parade, and how many give of their time so that we can sit on the sidewalks and enjoy it. I did not come up with a number but I know that it takes a lot of people.

Thank you to all the City of Los Fresnos employees that helped setup the barricades, lights and worked on the park to have a place for Santa to sit and for us to enjoy. Thanks to all the Los Fresnos CISD maintenance Department and faculty for helping our children prepare for this event. It must have taken many of your hours that you could have spend with your family or at your will, but please let me assure you that we at the Los Fresnos Chamber of Commeree appreciate ALL that you do.

Just remember that in a few years, the students you are working with right now may return to Los Fresnos and do exactly what you are doing, because of what you did… inspired them!

– Joe Aguilar, Terry Sandate, Val Champion, and the board of Directors of the Los Fresnos Area Chamber of Commerce