Los Fresnos News

Port of Brownsville Celebrates 80th Anniversary


Story and photos by Victor Moreno

The Port of Brownsville put on a big party for its 80th Anniversary on Saturday, May 14, 2016.  The celebration had many activities.  Vendors and organizations had their industry equipment on display to help tell their story of what they do on a day to day basis and how what they do positively impacts our local communities and the environment in our region.  On hand were many of the companies and organizations that do business within the port and also are present for safety and protection.  The over 3,000 attendees had plenty to do while visiting the port.  Boat and Bus tours were conducted regularly throughout the day to let all see the activity that goes on at the port.  The tours were very informative and provided a glimpse at the importance of having the port based here in our area.  Music played as visitors walked around and enjoyed hands on participation with organizations such as Customs and Border Patrol, Brownsville Bomb Unit, Gladys Porter Zoo and many others.