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Healthy and Happy Holidays


The holiday season is a time for family gatherings, office parties, and visiting with friends, which at times can lead to over indulging in both food and drinks. Give the gift of health to your loved ones by planning ahead for a healthy and happy holiday season.

Here are a few simple tips to enjoy the holiday season while keeping healthy and active.

Challenge yourself to walk around the store/mall for 10 minutes before and after your shopping to burn extra calories and to boost your energy naturally.

Create new traditions! With all the decorating, gift wrapping and baking happening in the house play your favorite holiday music and invite your family and friends to join you in dance.

Offer healthy and creative snack options at your holiday party and ask others to do the same. Here are some easy to prepare snacks to help keep your calorie intake low around the holiday.

Eggnog: Fill your glass with three-quarters part skim milk and one part eggnog.

Hot Chocolate: Look for packets marked low-fat/fat-free or low-sugar/sugar-free. Be sure to add the mix to skim milk or hot water.

Serve non-alcoholic versions of your favorite cocktails and use spices like cinnamon sticks, cloves, nutmeg and berries instead of syrups with added sugar.


Veggie Christmas Tree


Cherry Tomatoes
Pretzel Sticks
Yellow Bell Pepper


Fruit and Marshmallow Grinch

Green Grapes
Banana Slices
Mini Marshmallows
Tooth Picks

Attend one of the FREE exercise programs offered by the City of Los Fresnos at Los Fresnos Memorial Park.

For more information contact Christine De La Rosa, Los Fresnos Community Health Worker at 956-312-1406 or email at [email protected] or Los Fresnos City Hall at 956-233-5768.