Top students Recognized at LFU Academic Awards Ceremony


by Ronnie Zamora/LFCISD

Los Fresnos United recognized its best and brightest freshmen and sophomores at its annual Academic Awards Ceremony Monday at the LFU Dome.

Before a packed audience, 190 freshmen and 212 sophomore students who were on the “A” Honor Roll, “AB” Honor Roll, Top 10 percent or had perfect attendance walked across the stage to receive medals and/or small trophies.

The ceremony was capped by the announcement of the Top 10 students in each class. They include:


  1. Javier Barron III
  2. Kiara Garcia
  3. Itzel Cruz
  4. Marvin Prazelini Jr.
  5. Vianey Ruiz
  6. Daviana Zamora
  7. William Ortiz
  8. Lilani Rodriguez
  9. Robert Tyler
  10. (tie) Diana Rocha, Tate Halford, Tiare Delgado


  1. Connor Sponsler
  2. Alexandra Montes
  3. Javier Alvarez
  4. Sabrina Hinojosa
  5. Wilfredo Luiton Jr.
  6. Antonio Martinez
  7. Emily Rodriguez
  8. Andres Thomas
  9. Nicholas Valencia
  10. Anna Barrera

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