Nature Park Near Completion

Orlando and Edna Medina, as well as others, are already taking advantage of the park under construction in Los Fresnos.  Photo: Tony Vindell/LFN

Orlando and Edna Medina, as well as others, are already taking advantage of the park under construction in Los Fresnos. Photo: Tony Vindell/LFN

by Tony Vindell/LFN

The birds are singing and flying as people keep walking and stretching their bodies at one of several workout stations installed along the nearly 1 mile long trail in the Los Fresnos Nature Park.

Construction of the park, located on the north side of town off North Arroyo Boulevard and south of the local high school, is rapidly advancing after being under construction for more than a year and a half.

The park is being built in phases and it’s starting to show signs of a new recreational facility for people to enjoy.

One phase calls for constructing a parking lot and restroom and that was completed several months ago.

Another phase is the park’s trail, which is pretty much done. The south side of the trail has gravel and the north has asphalt to connect it to a bike trail that is yet to be built.

There is also an amphitheater nearing completion.

Other phases called for having a butterfly garden and a playground for children.

Anna Alridge Smith, senior project manager with Hanson Professional Services, described the park as a beautiful project the city has undertaken.

“There still is a lot of work to be done, though” she said, “and people are already using it.”

On a recent afternoon, about a dozen people were seen at the park either sitting around the picnic area or jogging or walking along the trail.

Orlando and Edna Medina of Los Fresnos said they have been using the trail about a half dozen times.

“I think this is a great asset for the community,” Edna Medina said as she and her husband walked along the trail. “The first time we were here we saw a couple of people but there are more and more people using the trail every time we are back.”

They said it is just a matter of time before the word gets out that the City of Los Fresnos has one of the finest and newest nature parks in the Rio Grande Valley.

As the Medinas kept walking, the racketing songs of chachalacas could be heard on one side of the park and one of these gregarious birds flew along the trees by the resaca.

A great kiskadee and morning and white-winged doves darted above the skies over the Los Fresnos Nature Park.

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One Response to Nature Park Near Completion

  1. Orlando Resendez

    The Park

    I am a recent, but regular visitor to Memorial Park. I am a new resident to Texas and to the local area. One of the things that I’ve recognized is that the locals enjoy their outdoor activities a lot here. There at Memorial Park, I see many people gathering for Zumba, soccer, basketball, volleyball, running and walking, beside lots of children utilizing the playground and exercise equipment. I haven’t seen too many using the community pool as it has recently opened for the season. (It would be nice if the season and hours were extended since it stays warm for most of the year and late in the day.)

    A few important factors of the park that may be easily overlooked are:

    * Trees that provide shade so that people utilizing the path can remain comfortable throughout the day. It only takes an hour in the sun here to get sunburnt! Most of the park users are limited to early mornings or later in the day. On hotter days here, I’ve witnessed that there aren’t many people attending the park. Besides having trees along the paths, more foliage would help keep the area cooler. Memorial Park definitely lacks any foliage.

    * Decomposed Granite helps absorb the shock of running and walking. Again about Memorial Park – The heavy rains that the area experiences have left small gullies down and across of all the paths making them somewhat of a hazard. In repairing these, sand has been used, which has lessened the benefits of the decomposed granite. The base layer needs to be better with a method of drainage for the whole area that will prevent damage or flooding to the pathways and other areas with the imminence of heavy rain.

    * Being a disabled veteran, and doing my best to maintain my physical condition, I’m limited to walking. Even with this I struggle. I hope to see sitting benches alongside of the walking paths along with benches in other areas such as at areas accessible to persons with handicaps so that they are able to view the river and even safely fish in the river.

    I share with you my concerns and hope that they are addressed. I too have excitedly looked forward to the opening of this new riverside park. I’ve walked its unfinished path on a few occasions imagining what it may look like in its completion. Any opportunity to commune with the natural environment, especially what this area has to offer, is welcomed.

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