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Local Martial Arts Instructor Inducted into the U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame

On Saturday, July 21, 2018, Rene F. Garza was inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Grand Master of the Year.

The event, held at the Sheraton Downtown OKC, culminated a weeklong celebration of the martial arts. Over 300 guest attended the black tie affair, where the Class of 2018 was welcomed into the elite fraternity of martial arts schools and instructors as inductees.

Garza has been practicing and teaching martial arts for over 40 years. He currently holds the ranks of seventh Dan from the Taekwondo, Kai No Kenson Ryu and Tendo Ryu Karate, he is recognized as founder of the Empirical Fighting System, and He has received Letters of Commendation and Achievement from both the Kukkiwon and the TaeKwonDo JidoKwan in Seoul, Korea. The Texas Karate Association honored Garza with a 7th Dan in Tang Soo Do in 2017.

In addition, Garza was previously inducted into the Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Man of the Year and Master of the Year. Garza has trained several World and National Champions in sparring, forms and grappling.

“I was extremely honored and humbled to receive this recognition,” said Garza.

“This is about my student and empowering them to be better people through the martial arts. I don’t train fighters, you can train monkeys and chickens to be fighters, my hope is, through the martial arts, to give students the mindset to strive for personal excellence.”

Currently the owner of the Dojang Martial Arts Academy in Los Fresnos, TX. Garza’s approach appears to be working. In the past seven months his students have made names for themselves in local, regional and national tournament bring back over 120 medals and trophies to the training hall.

“ We are not a tournament school by any stretch. We have a very tradtional approach to training that most people are not used to anymore, but when we do compete we do very well,” Garza said hint of a smile, he quickly added “We have a saying a The Dojang ‘We never lose at the Dojang. If we don’t win, we learn’… that means any failure ultimate leads to a success and a win of some kind and many times a student turns into a great competitor.”

Sponsored by the International Martial Arts Council of America, the mission of the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fames is to recognize those martial artists that have made a profound difference. Unlike other Hall of Fames events that have followed us, the USMAHOF does not limit its inductees to celebrities and movies stars. Their goal is to serve the fundamental martial arts community, honoring all people that dedicate themselves to excellence; both the well known as well as the hidden treasures that never see the limelight.

The USMAHOF celebration is a black tie event during which the accomplishments of inductees are presented to the entire audience. After an excellent meal, each inductee is highlighted and individually honored by being brought on stage and presented the USMAHOF achievement plaque. The event is enjoyed as social event as well. Martial artist from around the U.S. and the world are able to visit as peers. It is time where special people are recognized, camaraderie is enjoyed and the martial arts are celebrated. The Hall of Fame event is a time when lifelong friends are made.

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