Sun Bae Taekwando Academy Holds Belt Test

Teens and Competition class ages 7 to 13 students achieving White Stripe, Orange, Green and Blue belts. Front L-R: Isaac Kuntz, Karla Rodriguez, Yandel Trejo, Leonel Arévalo, Mozes Rivera and Miranda Martínez. Second Row: Christina Rodriguez, Georgina Gonzalez, Brisaeda Guerrero, Isabelle Martinez and Vasthi Arenas.

37 Students Achieve New Rank

Sun Bae Taekwando Academy held a belt test last Thursday, August 2 and again on Friday, August 3. Around 37 students from different age groups took the test. A belt test at the academy is when students display progress and achieve another rank by passing their promotion test, thus receiving a striped belt or color belt. Getting a new stripe or color belt is a sign that the student has continued proficiency in Taekwando and the new belt is recognition of their effort.

Belt tests are not a competition or contest and are open to all students who wish to increase their knowledge in Taekwando. As students increase their knowledge they earn a new belt: White which signifies a birth or a beginning of a seed. A white belt student is just beginning his/her search for knowledge.

Yellow signifies the first beam of sunlight which shines upon the seed giving it new strength and the beginning of new life. A yellow belt student is giving his/her ray of knowledge, opening his/her mind.

Toddlers class ages 3 to 5 L-R: Avery Rivera, Emma Arroyo, Samantha Sauceda, Israel Delgado, Eva Esquivel, Marilyn Ortega, Lucy Trejo, Ricardo Martínez, Amelia Gonzalez, Hasani Trejo.

Orange represents the growing power of the sun as it warms the earth to prepare for new growth in the spring. The orange belt represents the student starting to feel his/her body and mind open and develop.

Green signifies the growth of the seed as it sprouts from the earth reaching toward the sun and beginning to grow into a plant. A green belt student learns to strengthen and refine his/her techniques.

Kids class ages 6 to 9 Front L-R: Isaías Rodríguez, Vanessa Rodríguez, Gabriella Faith Torres, Keilah Arroyo, Armando Guerrero. Second Row: Renato Rocha, Angelo Ortega Jr., Christian Rodriguez, Manuel Godoy and Aiden Kupkowski

Blue signifies the blue sky as the plant continues to grow toward it. A blue belt moves up higher in rank just as a plant crowns taller. His/her mind and body continue to grow and develop.

In all about 37 students achieved a new rank in Taekwando represented by a new belt. The students also received a certificate of their achievement. For more information about Taekwando belt tests please contact Sun Bae Tae Kwon Do Academy at (956)336-2904.

Adults/Teens class ages 14 and up students achieving Yellow belt.

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