Los Fresnos Residents Complain About Mess Left Behind by Flood

Andy Gonzalez talks about the mess left behind across from his home. Photo: Tony Vindell/LFN

by Tony Vindell/LFN

Manicured lawns, nice homes and a quiet place to live make Los Fresnos Windcrest subdivision just south of FM 2480.

But last June rains that pounded the area for several days has changed some of the landscape of the neighborhood that borders a drainage ditch along south Red Oaks Circle.

The ditch is maintained by an irrigation district , but during the recent rains trees and debris piled up causing water to back up to the ditch edges.

Later in July, the debris was hauled out but was left by the side of the street.

Andy Gonzalez lives right across where a huge pile of dead branches has been sitting since that month, while Daniel Conejo lives around the block.

The two attended Tuesdays, Oct. 9 meeting of the city commission to talk about their dilemma.

Gonzalez said he went to the drainage district office back in July to complain about the mess left behind but was told they did not have the man power to take the debris away.

“If they left several piles of debris why couldn’t they finish the job,” Gonzalez said, “but look at this?”

Gonzalez said the termites are taking over the dead branches so are rodents, tacuaches and other critters.

Bayview Irrigation District Number 11 maintains the ditch.

Gonzalez approached City Manager Mark Milum and was told they were going to look into it.

And during Tuesday’s meeting, Mayor Polo Narvaez said they were going to do the same.

Gonzalez said no one wants to have such a mess across from their homes.

“My wife is a bird watcher,” he said. ”But look at this!”

In other business, the council approved several health insurance plans for city employees.

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