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Save RGV from LNG a Breath of Fresh Air at 5K

I am writing to express support and thanks to Save RGV from LNG for their presence at the Leo Aguilar Foundation & Los Fresnos CISD 5K Walk/Run that took place on Saturday, October 13, 2018. It is events like this that bring out community together and reminds us all of how lucky we are to live in this special part of South Texas. It was disappointing to see that Rio Grande LNG, one of the proposed LNG facilities, was a sponsor of the 5K. However, I know our local community, and am confident that they will not be so quick to welcome a company who is using sponsorships as a way to buy support before they have even been approved. Save RGV from LNG wants nothing more than to educate our Los Fresnos community of the public health risks and negative environmental impacts liquefied natural gas facilities will bring to our area should they be approved so close to our home. Future generations of Falcons should also have the right to breathe unpolluted air and participate in the 5K with their own families. I hope this wonderful tradition will continue and our community will come together to stand up with Save RGV from LNG as they share in the 5K’s goal of promoting a healthy way of life.

Marta Pena
Los Fresnos, TX

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