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South Texas Division President of SpawGlass in Support of LNG

As president of the SpawGlass South Texas Division, not only do I live in the Rio Grande Valley, I am experienced in planning and managing large construction projects in this region. I am also experienced in planning and executing environmental mitigation measures related to construction.

Based on my professional experience and my research, I want to voice my support for the proposed Rio Grande LNG facility and associated pipeline for the following reasons:

– The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has issued a favorable draft Environmental Impact Statement that has determined that the project’s environmental impacts would be reduced to less than significant levels. This comprehensive report is based on years of review by a number of federal, state and local agencies, as well as public input.

– During construction, the developers will follow project-specific plans to mitigate any environmental impacts, including storm water pollution prevention, sediment and soil recovery, dust control, migratory bird conservation, wetland and waterbody impacts, and erosion control.

– Regarding air quality, both the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the federal Environmental Protection Agency determined the project would meet or exceed air quality standards.

– The proposed export terminal is in an ideal location in an area zoned for commercial and industrial use along an existing, man-made ship channel.

– The U.S. Coast Guard has issued a Letter of Recommendation indicating that the Brownsville Ship Channel is suitable for LNG marine traffic.

– Rio Grande LNG and the Rio Bravo Pipeline will bring significant direct and indirect economic impacts to the region, including job skills training, thousands of jobs during construction, and more than 200 permanent jobs during operations.

As a community leader, resident, parent, and business owner in the Rio Grande Valley, I support Rio Grande LNG.

Eric C. Kennedy, AC
South Texas Division President