New Strip Mall Coming Soon to Los Fresnos

Work continues at Plaza Linda, Los Fresnos’ newest strip mall. Photo: Tony Vindell/LFN

by Tony Vindell/LFN

A new strip mall is coming to Los Fresnos.

It’s called Plaza Linda and it’s under construction along FM 803.

The project calls for building 14 modules: two larger ones and 12 smaller ones.

Hector Hernandez of Los Fresnos is the plaza’s investor.

He said the traffic on that part of town contributed to his decision to build the strip mall, which is near the intersection of FM 803 and Texas Highway 100.

“I also think the demand of this type of construction is there,” Hernandez said. “I just want a return on my investment.”

He said the strip mall has 14,600 square feet of rental space.

Each of the two larger modules will have its own drive-thru and Hernandez thinks they are ideal for businesses such as dry cleaning, restaurant or donut shop.

The larger modules have 1,220 square foot of space and the smaller 936 square feet of space.

So far, four modules are already under contract and several others are in the closing process, he said.

“We hope to have Plaza Linda ready for business,” he said, “in the middle of January.”

Plaza Linda will become the latest of several strip malls built in Los Fresnos in the last two years either along Texas Highway 100 or North Arroyo Boulevard, or FM 1847.

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